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Free Conference For Active Adults Features Keynote Rabbi Naomi Levy

DENVER, CO – Kavod Senior Life is excited to announce its fifth annual event called “L’Chaim! A Conference & Resource Day For Boomers and Beyond.” Held on Sunday, June 10 at Temple Emanuel (51 Grape Street, Denver), the keynote speaker will be Rabbi Naomi Levy, founder of Nashuva (a spiritual community in Los Angeles) and […]

Proposition HH – Property Taxes, Tabor Refunds

By Eileen Doherty, MS ~ Denver CO.    The State legislature passed Proposition HH with important tax changes for property owners. Learn more about how it will affect renters and homeowners.  Property tax revenue in Colorado is set to increase by nearly $4 billion next year. Statewide, residential assessments are going up 40%. This is nothing short of […]

Artists Create Age-Positive Birthday Cards as Part of Changing the Narrative’s Anti-Ageism Campaign

DENVER – Frustrated by the racks of birthday card options that mock older adults as weak, deaf, forgetful and crabby, the Colorado-based anti-ageism group Changing the Narrative is making birthday card shopping empowering and uplifting, producing ”age-positive” cards that celebrate aging and honor the recipients.

March for Meals 2022 event! March 18-25

From March 18-25, Meals on Wheels of Boulder is joining organizations across the nation in celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the signing of the Older Americans Act (OAA) Nutrition Program amendment with an event called March for Meals.

Colorado’s Citizen Legislature – Feb. 2021

By Doris Beaver ~ Colorado’s First Regular Session of the 73rd General Assembly began on January 13, 2021, with a new Speaker in charge in the House, Representative Alec Garnett, who represents Denver’s District 2.  President Leroy M. Garcia is serving his second term in the Senate and resides in Pueblo’s District 3.

Creative Eldering – Dec. 2020 – Your Liver

Think of your liver as your personal chemical processing plant.  It lives in the midsection of your body and works 24/7 doing at least several hundred metabolic processes every day.  It processes chemicals, foods, nutrients, your own natural hormones and biological chemicals, pollutants, medications, various toxins, and poisons as they come into your body.  It […]

Creative Eldering – Nov. 2020 – Your Gallbladder

Your body was equipped with a gallbladder when you were born, hopefully you still have it.  Sadly, many people lose their gallbladder to the surgeon’s knife at no fault of the gallbladder itself.  The fault lays typically with person’s digestive function.  Some people eat too much at a time, too fast and do not chew […]

Creative Eldering – Oct. 2020 – Your Triple Warmer

You do have a Meridian in the upper half of your body called the Triple Warmer Meridian. Historically, there has not been a specific organ ascribed to this energy pathway.  Thinking of this Meridian as a group of physiological functions, rather than a discrete anatomical organ is a helpful point to remember.  Your Triple Warmer […]

Creative Eldering – August 2020 – Your Kidneys

Your Kidneys are protected by your lower ribs and are nestled in the back region of your abdominal cavity.  Wearing a kidney belt, as some athletes and truck drivers do, is a way to augment the protection that your ribs provide your kidneys.  Each kidney is roughly the size of a closed fist and has […]

Your Bladder: Creative Eldering – July 2020

The term bladder indicates a soft sided sack that can hold liquid or gaseous fluids.  Of course, we are talking about your urinary bladder in this article.  One type of seaweed termed bladderwrack has numerous small air sacs (bladders) that float the long dark brown fronds of seaweed on the surface of the ocean to […]

Creative Eldering: Your small intestine

Your small intestine may be “small” in diameter, but it certainly is long in length.  The diameter of your small intestine is about the size of your middle finger.  Your small intestine is probably 20 to 25 feet long (6.096-7.62 meters). Your small intestine, sometimes called small bowel, has three main segments.  These are the […]

Creative Eldering – May 2020 – Your Heart

Your heart is your hero or your heroine.  Even when you do not give your heart much consideration and fail to provide it with the rest and relaxation that it requires (balanced with well-tolerated exercise), it keeps on performing.  Some people routinely over stimulate their hearts with caffeine, sugar, or even stimulant drugs and expect […]

Creative Eldering: Your Stomach

You are probably a little more acquainted with your stomach than most of your other internal organs. When you are hungry you feel that gnawing empty feeling in the “pit of your stomach”.  Sometimes this even comes along with sound effects of your stomach “growling”. If you have overindulged and eaten a larger quantity than […]

Creative Eldering: Your Large Intestine

Your large intestine is the last part of your digestive system. It is composed of several segments. They are named for their positions or shapes. Typically, a person’s entire large intestine’s length is 5 feet (1.5m). The first segment of your large intestine is your cecum, a rounded or sack like segment. The next segment […]

Creative Eldering: Save Your Skin

Your skin is quite remarkable. Most people never stop to think about how incredible it is. The surface area of your skin is approximately 21 square feet (2 square meters) and contributes about 15 percent (or about 9 pounds) of your total body weight. Just think how much it needs to grow and stretch to […]

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