5 Reasons to Hire an Organizer for Your Parents

By Theresa Cashman, Founder of Clearing Spaces ~

Your parents are getting older. It’s harder for them to maintain their home. They’re starting to consider other alternatives but seem hesitant because of the amount of stuff they’ve accumulated over the years. This is SO common! Many people avoid making a move as they enter their golden years. The thought of moving brings on feelings of overwhelm, and they freeze.

Here are 5 reasons to hire an organizer for your aging parents:

#1: You may not be the best person to help your parents downsize.
You’re busy! Trying to balance your own career and family with the needs of your aging parent can strain your health and relationships. It’s also been demonstrated, time and again, that organizing and downsizing can cause family feuds. One man’s trash and all…

Organizers provide an unbiased 3rd party perspective on the process. (Plus, they know the industry secrets) This allows seniors to make decisions for themselves about where their unwanted items should go, with the advice from an expert ready at hand. Organizers can have items properly appraised, donate items to where they are most needed, even arrange for junk haulers, shredders, and recyclers. 

#2: Do it now, while they have control.
Many seniors avoid moving but are then forced to move quickly when a crisis event occurs. (Crisis events range from falls, to the death of a loved one, to other health issues.) This causes TONS of stress on everybody involved. Not only do you have to help your loved one receive the care they now desperately need, but you’ve also got a household full of items to sort through. 

#3: “I should be able to do this on my own”
Your parents may not be physically able to lift items but are embarrassed to ask for help. Emotional overwhelm at the thought of starting the process can bring about feelings of guilt and shame. No one should feel this way over stuff. Sometimes, it just takes a little help to get started. The trick, often, is to just get started.

#4: Organizers can prepare to get a home “stage-ready” for selling.
96% of home buyers report that staging a home has a positive effect on the buyers view of the home. Buyers can easily picture themselves living there and feel less like they’re touring someone else’s home. Organizers are a key part of helping seniors go through this process. 

#5: Aging safely at home
Of course, you want to keep your parents at home as long as possible. Even if they’re not planning to move any time soon, organization can improve their quality of life greatly. Organizers can help ensure that there are no tripping hazards, clutter is clear, and self-care routines are easy to follow. 

Clearing Space offers decluttering, downsizing, and relocation services in the Denver Metro Area.
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