2020 Census Critical to Support Important Programs

“There’s never enough money!” That is a phrase we all hear, right? More often than not we’re thinking about personal finances, but the same might be said for funding for critical programs that support the people that live in Colorado. The upcoming 2020 Census is an opportunity for everyone to be counted and to ensure adequate funding comes to our region.

The 2020 Census will arrive this March, and it’s our once-every-ten-years chance to make sure we get an accurate count, and this year it’s particularly important we get an accurate count of the region’s older adults. Colorado has one of the fastest growing older adult populations in the country and anything other than a complete count will threaten our ability to provide critical services. 

“Since the funding for community programs is based on census numbers, it is very important for older adults to be counted so we get our share of money for programs like Meals on Wheels.” explains Kelly Roberts, who works for the Denver Regional Council of Governments’ Area Agency on Aging. “Federal funding has not kept up with our rapidly growing older adult population”. 

The census is easier than ever to take with online, phone or email options. There are just 10 easy questions to answer, so it can literally be taken in just a few minutes.  And for those that might be concerned about the security of the data, rest easy. The information can’t be used for any other purpose than the count itself! You can find more information at 2020census.gov.

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