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Resolutions: To Make or Not to Make, That is the Question!

You may have noticed by now that resolutions almost never stick. Frankly, I think New Year Resolutions are a waste of time. They’re typically born from a place of failure, hurt, and self-abuse. And they set you up for more of the same. I like to stack the deck for absolute success. The first step […]

Aging Gracefully With Yoga

According to Yoga Journal, 2.9 million Americans age 55 years or older regularly practice yoga for its health benefits. In a culture that worships youth and frames aging as a process of loss, yoga honors the aging process. Poses can be modified to every body type and level of ability, making classes accessible to anyone willing […]

The Benefits of Caregiver Support Groups

Any stressful life situation can leave many people feeling isolated and disconnected. For those caring for an older loved one, the day-to-day tasks of making sure the senior is comfortable, safe and provided for can mean that caregivers neglect their own well-being. Support groups can provide a meaningful time that is set aside for the […]

Honoring Family Caregivers

As the calendar turns to November, we would like to take a moment to recognize and thank caregivers during National Caregivers Month. At Home Helpers, our caregivers play an important role in the well-being of our clients, and we try hard to honor and appreciate the exceptional work they do on a daily basis. Additionally […]

Is it Time to Bring in Outside Help?

Sometimes, reuniting with family can show how much Mom, Dad, or other aging loved ones have changed over the past months, or even, year. It can be surprising how much they seem to need our help. This time together can be an opportunity to assess their well-being and make changes, if needed. Awareness to changes […]

Ways To Pay For Home Care

Paying for Home Care ~ Home care offers the elderly, seniors, people with disabilities, and family members the trained assistance to help with personal and medical care. But it limits specific tasks. Whether you hire a home health aide through an agency or privately, understand each person’s role. Know what each person can and cannot […]

Fun Fall Activities at Any Age

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of stepping outside on that first crisp morning of Autumn. As the cool fresh air gives you an extra pep in your step, you are surely ready for some fun fall activities! From toddler to great granny, getting involved in spirited activities is beneficial at any age. There are […]

Sundowners Syndrome, Confusion in the Twilight

Have you noticed in your client or loved one with dementia, a change in attitude later in the day? It may be extra confusion, sadness, agitation or fear just before dark. This may mean they have that added extra problem of Sundowners Syndrome. Not all inclusive, here are some of the behaviors and emotions of […]

Urinary Tract Infections – We Are On the Front Line to Recovery

A urinary tract infection (UTI) is an infection in any part of the urinary system, from the kidneys to the bladder and urethra. Most infections are generally found in the lower urinary tract—the bladder and the urethra. Mostly women are at greater risk than men. A UTI can be painful and annoying, however, serious consequences […]

Does Obesity Lead to More Nursing Home Admissions?

In a study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, researchers examined the care that obese older adults receive when they are admitted to nursing homes. This study was designed to find out whether obese older adults were as likely as non-obese elders to be admitted to nursing homes that provided an appropriate […]

We Can Handle This Common Senior Problem: Urinary Incontinence

As we approach old age the type of problems we face change. It doesn’t seem fair that now that the wisdom of years has now settled on the elderly they have to face the degradation of the body. The causes are diverse. It can be as simple as not drinking enough water. It could be […]

Dementia – Help Is on the Way

Dementia is a loss of brain function that affects memory, thinking, and behavior. The memories thoughts and behaviors will probably not be lost at once like the effects of a stroke, but are more profound over time as the brain becomes less efficient at sorting things out. Even those with other serious illnesses may have […]

The Importance of Vaccinations for Seniors

As people grow older their immune system is less effective at protecting against disease. This means they become more susceptible to contact infection, and when they are sick the recovery will be more difficult. Also, they might lose some immunity to the diseases for which they were vaccinated in childhood. For some conditions, such as […]

Four Benefits of Home Health Care

With the help of home care caregivers, seniors can choose to remain in their homes for the duration of their lives, enjoying their freedom and independence while still receiving the care they need. At Home Helpers Westminster in Colorado, they provide personalized home health care plans to meet all individual lifestyle and health needs.

Music and the Dementia Patient

Since World War II, neurologists and music professionals have discovered that music does not only soothe a troubled mind, but have found that it stimulates the brain on many levels. These levels include those places that process emotion which stores memory where a person may draw that is not stored in the logical memory areas. […]