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Jodi’s Race for Awareness Celebrates Milestone Anniversary

10 Years of Raising Awareness of Ovarian Cancer – One of the largest ovarian cancer walks in the country is scheduled for June 8, 2019 at City Park ~ DENVER, Colo. – Anniversaries are especially important when you’re a cancer survivor, which is one reason 70-year-old Judye Wahlberg is so excited to participate in the […]

Congress Must Act to Keep Prescription Drug Costs From Rising

By Eileen Doherty, MS ~ A massive increase in the out-of-pocket prescription drug costs for Colorado older adults is looming in the months ahead unless Congress steps in to fix the “out-of-pocket cliff”. Many Medicare beneficiaries who have benefited from the Part D program have experienced a decrease in the cost of prescription drugs in […]

Colorado Alzheimer’s totals continue to rise

First the good news: research to find a cure for Alzheimer’s – the last major disease without a prevention, treatment or cure – is being funded at record-high levels, and there is promising research that offers hope for the future.

Alzheimer’s disease is not limited to the elderly

A man in his early 50s experiences personality changes that baffle his family and land him in jail when police don’t know how to deal with him… A 58-year-old business executive gets lost on the way home from work – a route he’s driven for more than 10 years… Severe memory lapses lead a rising […]

Colorado’s Citizen Legislature – April 2019

Senate Bill 19-172: Titled “Crimes Related to An At-Risk Person, and In Connection Therewith, Creating the Crimes of Unlawful Abandonment and Unlawful Confinement,” SB 172 is has yet to have its first committee hearing, despite its significance. The legislative declaration states that “abuse and neglect of senior citizens, people with disabilities, and other at-risk adults […]

Creative Eldering – Depression Avoidance Strategies

Have you been down and blue, moody and hopeless? Are you thinking that nothing is going your way? Are you holding on to the lyrics of that old blues tune “Born under a Bad Sign” by Albert King? The refrain of his hit song is “Born under a bad sign. Been down since I began […]

Nuclear Care Partners Sponsors Building Trades Unions Breakfast for Former Rocky Flats Workers

Denver, CO – More than 50,000 former Rocky Flats workers may qualify for medical benefits and financial compensation through the Energy Employee Occupational Illness Program Act (EEOICPA) as a result of chemical or radiation exposure they endured at Rocky Flats. Former workers can learn more about these benefits, eligibility, and meet with other Rocky Flats […]

AARP supports importation of drugs from Canada bill

The AARP advocacy team represents more than 680,000 AARP members in Colorado, as well as all older adults and their families, and we strongly support initiatives to lower out-of-pocket drug costs.

Blood pressure risk for African Americans poses Alzheimer’s threat

A recent research study released by Rutgers University regarding extremely high blood pressure rates among inner-city African Americans highlights concerns that this same population group is facing abnormally high risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Compared to the national average, inner-city African Americans were found by Rutgers researchers to be five […]

Colorado’s Citizen Legislature – Mar. 2019

By Doris Beaver ~ Senate Bill 19-005: As introduced, SB 002 creates new Article 51 in Title 25 of the Colorado Revised Statutes, to be known as the “Colorado Wholesale Importation of Prescription Drugs Act” for the exclusive benefit of Colorado residents. The legislative declaration points out:

Creative Eldering – The Hidden Truth About Atherosclerosis And Heart Disease

Most people think (unfortunately have been brainwashed to think) that the secret to avoiding clogged arteries, heart attacks, and strokes is to be sure you take a statin drug every day for the rest of your life. NOT TRUE. That old outdated premise should have been thrown out decades ago.

Death and Taxes – Part 1

By Lynn Weitzel, BSN, Retired Hospice RN Case Manager ~ April 15th looms as tax day. April 16, ironically, is National Healthcare Decisions Day, designed to ensure that all adults with decision-making capacity have the information and opportunity to communicate and document their healthcare decisions. In plain language, that means you decide how you want […]

Denver Heart Month Activities

During American Heart Month in February 2019, thousands of American Heart Association (AHA) volunteers will raise awareness about heart diseases and stroke, the number one and number five killers of all Americans.

As Tax Season Approaches, Consider the Potential Costs of Alzheimer’s

As Tax Day draws near and people are looking closely at their finances, the Alzheimer’s Association encourages families to proactively plan for the potential financial impact of the most expensive disease: Alzheimer’s and dementia.

An affordable alternative to grocery shopping in Denver 

Bondadosa, which means ​kindness ​in Spanish, is a local social enterprise created  to help decrease food insecurity across Denver. Their mission is to create access  to groceries and goods through an online store in which members can find over  2000 items at affordable prices.