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Cold War Patriots

Advocating for Rocky Flats & Coors Porcelain Workers for 10 Years & Counting ~ Cold War Patriots (CWP) is a community resource organization that is the nation’s strongest and most sustained voice advocating for worker benefits. Founded in 2008, CWP is a division of Professional Case Management (PCM), which provides specialized in-home healthcare services to […]

Colorado’s Citizen Legislature – June 2018

By Doris Beaver ~ Each year, a recap is provided to readers of Prime Time for Seniors of just what happened to the bills written about during the regular legislative session of the Colorado General Assembly. House Bill 18-1091: Signed by the Governor on May 29th, HB 1091 provides for significant amendments to the Colorado […]

It Takes a Village to Care for “Mom”

By Eileen Doherty, MS ~ DENVER, CO – The saying goes “It takes a village to raise a child”. In today’s world “it takes a village to care for Mom”. Many Baby Boomers find themselves caring for an elder parent, neighbor or friend. Older adults want to be as independent as possible, thus living at home […]

Creative Eldering: Energizing Your Immune System

Though most people are familiar with the basic concept of the immune system, its complexity remains a great mystery to most people, even some medical doctors. The human immune system includes a network of “fighter cells” and organs. T-cells (thymus cells) and B-cells (bone marrow or bursa cells) work to maintain a healthy immune system. […]

Mental Health Partners To Host Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy Workshop

Workshop is 2nd in 4-part series led by respected psychologist specializing in spirituality ~ Mental Health Partners (MHP) will host the 2nd in a 4-part workshop series focusing on spiritually integrated psychotherapy. The series: Sacred Matters: Integrating Spirituality into Mental Health Care and Mental Health Care into Faith Communities, will be led by Dr. Ken Pargament, […]

Creative Eldering: Energy and Food

By Susan L. Levy, D. C. ~ The age-old adage from Hippocrates, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food,” provides simple sage advice. The importance of food, not only on a physiological level, but on a psychological, emotional and spiritual level has been addressed in every culture throughout the entire history of humanity. […]

Colorado’s Citizen Legislature – May 2018

By Doris Beaver ~ House Bill 18-1380: The state of Colorado makes available to low-income seniors or individuals with a disability two types of annual state assistance grants relating to his or her property, administered by the Colorado Department of Revenue: 1) a grant for their property taxes or rent paid, with the latter being deemed […]

One of largest ovarian cancer runs/walks in the country is scheduled for June 9

Still Going Strong: 48 Years After her First Cancer Diagnosis, Survivor Inspires Others at Jodi’s Race for Awareness DENVER, Colo. – At age 75, Joan Shrimpton has been dealing with cancer for well more than half her life. Fortunately for Shrimpton and others battling gynecologic cancers, the support available to them has improved vastly during […]

Common Ground on Mental Health

By Andrew Romanoff ~ Put six Republicans and three Democrats on the same stage, and you might not expect them to agree on anything. When it comes to improving mental health care, however, you can find common ground. Nine candidates shared a stage last month at Mental Health Colorado’s first-ever gubernatorial forum. The consensus: We […]

Creating Community, Independence, A Way of Life!

~ By Jessica Edgar,  Prime Time For Seniors ~ Last we spoke with Gary Sobol, his Foundations Exercise Class for People with Parkinson’s spanned 15 states with over 560 certified trainers. His class is now being offered in 23 states (60 cities) with over 2800 participants. The goal is to have a presence in every […]

GZ Sobol Parkinson’s Network

~ By Jessica Edgar,  Prime Time For Seniors ~ Michael Gardner practiced law for 40+ years in Washington D.C., was an ambassador under Reagan in 1982, and currently runs a nonprofit group that trains women and men from developing countries in communication and technology. Michael retired in 2016 and moved to Boulder, CO. His nonprofit […]

New Alzheimer’s Association Report Reveals Sharp Increases in Alzheimer’s Prevalence, Deaths and Costs of Care

71,000 Coloradans living with Alzheimer’s ~ Denver [March 20, 2018] – For the second consecutive year, total payments to care for individuals living with Alzheimer’s or other dementias in the United States will surpass a quarter of a trillion dollars ($277 billion), which includes an increase of nearly $20 billion from last year, according to […]

Remodel for Life-Long Independence

~ By Tom Boone, Aging Well Housing Workgroup Chair ~ If you are considering remodeling your home, you are not alone. Home-improvement spending among homeowners age 55 and over, according to a report issued by the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University, is currently at record levels and is projected to increase by […]

AARP: PERA bill doesn’t provide the right solutions

Senate Bill 18-200 would make it harder for older Coloradans to make ends meet AARP believes Americans are faced with a crisis in achieving adequate and secure retirement income, and SB-200, as written, is not the answer for the Public Employee’s Retirement Association.

Colorado’s Citizen Legislature – April 2018

~ By Doris Beaver ~ “In federal fiscal year 2016, over ten thousand people died waiting to be approved for federal disability benefits,” – a statistic that should haunt every legislator in this country. House Bill 18-1192: The “maze” of paperwork for those in need of federal disability benefits can be daunting and downright frustrating […]