Creative Eldering: Inflammation: The Anti-Youthing Agent

Modern research is still in the process of connecting all of the dots between excess inflammation and numerous disease processes such as arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, neurological diseases including dementia and even cancer, but it is already widely accepted that the presence of excessive inflammation in your body is problematic. In some cases, inflammation is […]

Demystifying Energy Medicine

~ By Kirsten Antony, R.N. ~ Many people adhere to a Newtonian worldview and to the tenet that seeing is believing. Quantum Physics is turning that belief flipside and shows us that believing is seeing. Studies show that on a quantum level, an observer can affect what is reality. In other words, consciousness creates reality. […]

Free Flu Shots

HealthSET and Centura Health offering Free Flu shots. The free flu shot clinics provide protection against three different flu strains, as opposed to the one-strain version you may find at your local pharmacy. This three-strain vaccination is ideal for older adults, those with compromised immune systems, they are available to any adult over the age […]

Guided Imagery and Visualization

~ By Kirsten Antony, R.N. ~ Whether it be emotional or physical pain that we are looking to ease, the statistics are alarming. One in six Americans take a psychiatric drug which may include anxiety medications and/or antidepressants. Depression happens to also be the leading cause of disability in the world. If that wasn’t shocking […]

Creative Eldering: And Trash the Rest

Last month this series focused on eating what you are made of. The follow-up to that idea will be this month’s topic and surround the principle of detoxification. Now that you may be implementing the idea of “eat what you are made of,” we can “trash the rest.” Most people are aware of and may […]

Colorado Lung Health Connection

Is it getting harder to keep up with the kids? Exercising makes you short of breath? Beginning to curtail or eliminate favorite activities-hiking, visits to the Mountains or even walks in the park? It may not be your age, it might be your lungs? Lung disease can take many forms and is not always easy […]

Insect Borne Diseases in Colorado

~ By Kirsten Antony R.N. ~ A few months ago at a routine visit to the veterinarian, I became aware that it is now recommended for dogs living in Colorado to take preventative heartworm medicine year round. With global temperatures rising, even here in Colorado we need to be cautious to the fact that warmer […]

Creative Eldering: Eat What You are Made Of

Imagine that you are trying to find the best way to build a house. Your first step might be to create a list of the building materials required. Then you might research reputable sources for high quality materials. If you are not highly skilled in construction you may next begin searching out a qualified team […]

Dementia and Sensory loss: Part 1 – “Can You Hear Me Now?”

~ By Kandice Young ~ To understand the world around us, it is critical that we have the ability to hear, and make sense of, sounds. The process of how we hear with our ears, and then turn that sound into information our brains can understand, is a truly complex and fascinating function of the […]

Teeth Tomorrow and the Prettau Bridge

Ongoing dental problems with failing teeth seem to never end. Treatments for gum disease, broken teeth and toothaches seem to be followed by yet more treatments and problems. Unsightly teeth and constant worry about bad breath is often coupled with low self-confidence. Dental disease affects our whole body health as well, causing more frequent illnesses […]

Creative Eldering: Move it and Preserve it

~ By Susan L. Levy, D.C. ~ Have you noticed that when you are physically active your mood and overall feelings are generally more positive and upbeat? An incredible amount of research over the years has repeatedly demonstrated daily exercise provides mental benefits in addition to physical. While exercising, the human brain releases neurotransmitters including, […]

Why Water and Contact Lenses Don’t Mix

Water often contains bacteria that can cause eye infections; Dr. Sean Claflin recommends good hygiene practices for contact lens wearers Denver, CO – Looking to escape the summer heat, Americans will flock to local pools, waterparks, or larger bodies of water for a day of relaxing relief or to play water sports. However, contact lens […]

Staying Hydrated This Summer

~ By Kirsten Antony R.N. ~ It is summer in Colorado and as temperatures soar, it is a good time to be reminded of the importance of hydration. Dehydration can occur when the amount of water consumed is less than the amount of water leaving our bodies. Many of us think of the importance of […]

Creative Eldering: Coming to Terms

Throughout our lives, we may face unique challenges, but to have gotten this far, we can reflect on the process of achieving important milestones. As we journey toward elderhood, we can meet our personal trials with the vast amounts of wisdom we have gained throughout our lives. As wise elders, we have the advantage of […]

Essential Oils and Foot Care

~ By Kirsten Antony R.N. ~ Essential oils and the therapeutic use of, known as aromatherapy, have been used throughout history to help heal the body holistically. The field of aromatherapy has grown over the past few decades as well as all the products available on the market. Many people associate aromatherapy with fragrance and […]