Looking for Affordable, Local Healthcare? Try Sheridan Health Services, a CU Nursing clinic

Health care is a big concern for Americans. Having access to care that is affordable and personal is probably one of the top concerns for Baby Boomers and seniors. Many adults crave a simpler form of health care — something where you feel like a person and not another number.

How To Treat Vertigo – Best Way To Treat Vertigo

Creative Eldering: Are Your Symptoms Really Drug Side Effects?

The first principle to understand is that drugs are chemicals that require a considerable amount of processing once they are taken into your body. Typically, drugs are synthetically manufactured using a base of petroleum distillates (yes that’s right toxic, non-edible petroleum products) and many other chemicals. Then synthetic colorings and fillers are added to the […]

Five Myths About The Flu

By Dr. David Severance, Chief Medical Officer, UnitedHealthcare of Colorado ~ Fall has arrived, and so has the annual flu season. While flu – or influenza – is most serious for older Americans and people with certain chronic conditions, influenza can affect people of all ages and lead to hospitalizations, significant health complications and even […]

Gratitude Can Improve Your Health

As we enter this busy holiday season, it is easy to forget that not everyone looks forward to the holidays. For many, the stress of reuniting with difficult family members, all the activities and commitments and financial concerns can become overwhelming. This may be particularly true for seniors who are often long distances from their […]

Sugar – The Other White Powder

By Phyllis Guy ~ Officer Johnson (Fake Name) walks down the sports drink aisle of her local supermarket. Still dressed in her blue uniform, Jeffco PD badge on her chest, she examines the electrolyte juices in front of her. She has had a long day, filling out paperwork for a recent cocaine arrest. What she doesn’t […]

Aspirin Update

By Peter J. Rice, PharmD, PhD, BCPS, FAPhA ~ There are drugs in use today which are older than aspirin, but not very many. Part of the reason that aspirin is still around is that its use has continued to evolve over the years. But recently the benefits and risks of aspirin have been re-evaluated […]

Creative Eldering: The Male Energetic System

In past generations, males in our society were under incredible pressure to exhibit extreme degrees of physical and emotional strength. Previously, men were expected to be the sole bread winners for their families and minimize their emotions in order to maintain a perception of masculinity. Men were discouraged from expressing their emotions and bombarded with […]

Integrating Holistic Medicine

By Kirsten Antony R.N. ~ In the early 1990’s, quirky little health food stores could be found sprinkled around the country like natural cane sugar atop a bran muffin. I had the opportunity to work in this industry while attending nursing school. These stores were full of vitamins, herbal medicine, organic foods and interesting people. […]

Denver Public Health & Environment Reminds Denverites to #FightFlu

Take three easy actions to fight the flu this season ~ DENVER – Denver Public Health & Environment (DDPHE) wants to remind the Mile High City that receiving a flu vaccine every year is the best way to protect yourself and your family from flu and its potentially serious complications.

News from the Mental Health Center of Denver

Quarterly Media Update: October – December 2018 ~ Fall is in the air and we’re busy wrapping up the weekly Farmers Markets at our Dahlia Campus for Health & Well-Being. The final quarter of 2018 has lots in store for the Mental Health Center of Denver. Here’s an overview of events and story ideas to […]

Creative Eldering: Menopause

Despite the bombardment of media and societal messages, menopause is a natural passage of life for women and not a guaranteed time of discomfort or dis-ease. While sometimes imbalances can occur before, during and after menopause, there are many natural modifications that can help make menopause a smooth transition.


Probiotics are micro-organisms that are considered “good” for you. Probiotics are usually available as foods or dietary supplements for digestive disorders and for a number of other diseases. To start with the basics, we carry bacteria within our digestive tract (or “gut”) as well as other openings of the body, including mouth, nose, ear, eye, […]

Creative Eldering: Unfriendly Energy: Electromagnetic Pollution

All around you are invisible electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’s). This errant energy stems from your televisions, computers, Wi-Fi routers, cable boxes, radios, microwave ovens, cell phones, and other common household items. Though the energy is invisible, it is not harmless, in fact, many studies show that this electromagnetic pollution may be carcinogenic.

Do you have low bone mass? Are you a woman interested in bone health?

New CU study focuses on understanding whether adding DHEA to exercise can improve bone density and muscle strength in older women with low bone density. University of Colorado College of Nursing Associate Professor, Catherine Jankowski, is leading the DAMES study, a five-year study that will look at how boosting naturally declining levels of the hormone […]