Creative Eldering: Clinical Kinesiology

~ By Susan L. Levy, D.C. ~ Have you taken a moment to marvel at the finesse and beauty of the movements of Olympic figure skaters, dancers, or athletes? Kinesiology is a science that studies and analyses the biomechanics of the muscles, bones, ligaments, and joints that allow these graceful, powerful movements.

T’ai Chi and Longevity

~ By Kirsten Antony R.N. ~ As I sat with Rosa Lee Floyd, a 92 year-old woman from Birmingham, Alabama, she broke into song, “We Shall Overcome” and began to describe her remarkable life which included many years of service as a missionary in Africa, Deaconess of her church as well as playing a part […]

Treating Hearing Health for Better Overall Health

~ By Nadine Dehgan ~ Ignoring or not treating a hearing loss may seriously harm one’s overall health. Treating hearing loss can decrease the risk of acquiring other serious medical conditions. Cardiovascular Disease: Heart health and hearing health are linked, both positively and negatively. A healthier cardiovascular system results in improved auditory systems, according to […]

Creative Eldering: Youthing

~By Susan L. Levy, D.C ~ While writing my book, Your Aging Body Can Talk, I coined the term “youthing.” Youthing is the conscious process of figuratively regressing in age for healthful purposes such as memory enhancement, physical vitality, and emotional health. It implies the opposite of aging. We can adopt this positive approach to life […]

Mindfulness Practice During the Holiday Season

~ By Kirsten Antony R.N. ~ So true is it that some of the simple things in life are the things most enjoyed yet can be so elusive. For those of us that celebrate Christmas, the nativity story can be seen as simple. The Christ child is born in a manger and is born to […]

Creative Eldering: Brain Longevity

For many seniors, one of the biggest concerns about aging revolves around their cognitive decline and memory impairment. Many factors that affect brain health are within our control and can make a significant difference in our cognitive function. The good news is that if you’ve been following this series, you have already read about many […]

Eliminating the “High” While Treating Medical Conditions With Cannabis

Cannabis is the most amazing plant on the planet when you take into consideration its potential as a medicine. The fact that humans evolved with an endocannabinoid system, dating back to sea squirts 600 million years ago, is paramount to understanding why I can make such a bold statement. The Cannabis Sativa plant did not […]

5 Critical Facts About Hearing Loss and Hearing Protection

Fact #1:  Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is acquired from excessive noise. 30 million U.S. workers are exposed to hazardous noise levels on the job; Nearly 1 in 5 American teenagers are expected to acquire hearing loss largely due to overexposure of loud sounds; 25% of Americans age 65-74 and nearly 50% of those 75+ have […]

Creative Eldering: Inflammation: The Anti-Youthing Agent

Modern research is still in the process of connecting all of the dots between excess inflammation and numerous disease processes such as arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, neurological diseases including dementia and even cancer, but it is already widely accepted that the presence of excessive inflammation in your body is problematic. In some cases, inflammation is […]

Demystifying Energy Medicine

~ By Kirsten Antony, R.N. ~ Many people adhere to a Newtonian worldview and to the tenet that seeing is believing. Quantum Physics is turning that belief flipside and shows us that believing is seeing. Studies show that on a quantum level, an observer can affect what is reality. In other words, consciousness creates reality. […]

Free Flu Shots

HealthSET and Centura Health offering Free Flu shots. The free flu shot clinics provide protection against three different flu strains, as opposed to the one-strain version you may find at your local pharmacy. This three-strain vaccination is ideal for older adults, those with compromised immune systems, they are available to any adult over the age […]

Guided Imagery and Visualization

~ By Kirsten Antony, R.N. ~ Whether it be emotional or physical pain that we are looking to ease, the statistics are alarming. One in six Americans take a psychiatric drug which may include anxiety medications and/or antidepressants. Depression happens to also be the leading cause of disability in the world. If that wasn’t shocking […]

Creative Eldering: And Trash the Rest

Last month this series focused on eating what you are made of. The follow-up to that idea will be this month’s topic and surround the principle of detoxification. Now that you may be implementing the idea of “eat what you are made of,” we can “trash the rest.” Most people are aware of and may […]

Colorado Lung Health Connection

Is it getting harder to keep up with the kids? Exercising makes you short of breath? Beginning to curtail or eliminate favorite activities-hiking, visits to the Mountains or even walks in the park? It may not be your age, it might be your lungs? Lung disease can take many forms and is not always easy […]

Insect Borne Diseases in Colorado

~ By Kirsten Antony R.N. ~ A few months ago at a routine visit to the veterinarian, I became aware that it is now recommended for dogs living in Colorado to take preventative heartworm medicine year round. With global temperatures rising, even here in Colorado we need to be cautious to the fact that warmer […]