Handling Market Volatility

By Herb White, CFP, MBA ~ Conventional wisdom says that what goes up, must come down. But even if you view market volatility as a normal occurrence, it can be tough to handle when it’s your money at stake. Though there’s no foolproof way to handle the ups and downs of the stock market, the […]

Your Money Your Retirement Special Guest: Best-Selling Author of “The Latte Factor” David Bach

The July 13th, 2019 radio programs, Your Money Your Retirement airing at 2:00 pm on 630 KHOW and KOA Q & A with Ed Greene airing at 7:30 am on 850 KOA, hosted by Ed Greene and Colorado Retirement Expert Linda Gardner will feature the #1 New York Times Bestselling author of The Automatic Millionaire, […]

Live Your Best Retirement

By Jim Doyle ~ If you have paid off your home and have no mortgage, you have done well and should feel proud of your accomplishment. It took faithfulness and sacrifice to achieve that mile marker. Your home is likely your greatest asset, and yet the money that is in the home, your equity, is […]

Types of Life Insurance Policies

By Herb White, CFP, MBA ~ You know that you need life insurance. However, with the wide variety of insurance policies available, you may find choosing the right one difficult. It’s really not as confusing as it seems, however, once you understand the basic types of life insurance policies.

Age in Place with a Reverse Mortgage

By Jim Doyle ~ “I’ve lived in my home for over 30 years. I didn’t want to leave it and go where I don’t know the neighbors. A reverse mortgage allowed me to have the security of staying in my home without a mortgage payment. That increased the money in my monthly budget. What a […]

Spring Cleaning for Your Finances

By Jillian Sarmo, Investor Education and Public Affairs Coordinator ~ Every year when the snow finally clears away and the grass turns green, most people start to feel the familiar itch to “spring clean” their homes. “Spring Cleaning” is a term that originally referred to removing soot and grime build-up in the home. Years ago, the […]

National vs Local – Who is best to use?

Shopping local is in the news as the national retailer, Amazon, is coming under scrutiny for being the cause of small businesses struggling or going out of business. National or out-of-state lenders also offer home loans, including reverse mortgages, but working with a local company is far more beneficial to you.

Know Your Need – L.I.F.E Insurance

The somewhat emotional angst of simply hearing the words, life insurance, can be daunting to a vast number of us. While there are certain stigmas associated with this type of insurance, many do not understand the true importance or value that this can offer someone at any stage of their life. Often as a result, […]

Spruce Up Your Financial Plan With Social Security

Now that tax season is over, it’s probably a good time to evaluate some financial “best practices” for the rest of the year. A good spring-cleaning can clear out the clutter to let you see a clear path for your future. Social Security is always here to help. Even if you just started working, now […]

When it comes to retirement, Coloradans feel anxious and behind on saving

A new AARP survey shows Colorado registered voters fear they don’t have enough money saved up for retirement, but believe that a public-private retirement savings option could help, especially younger workers and future generations.

Annuities and Retirement Planning

By Herb White, CFP, AIF, MBA, CLU, ChFC ~ You may have heard that IRAs and employer-sponsored plans (e.g., 401(k)s) are the best ways to invest for retirement. That’s true for many people, but what if you’ve maxed out your contributions to those accounts and want to save more? An annuity may be a good […]

More Baby Boomers turn to Reverse Mortgage

By Jim Doyle ~ According to a study recently released by Fannie Mae, more baby boomer retirees have mortgage debt than those retirees who were born between 1931 and 1935.

10 Terms Every Investor Should Know

By Herb White, CFP, MBA, AIF ~ If you’re new to investing, you may encounter some unfamiliar jargon. Understanding the following terms may help you become a more confident investor.

Market Volatility Causing Stress? Time to Practice Some Self Care

By Jillian Sarmo, Investor Education and Public Affairs Coordinator ~ If you’ve been paying any sort of attention to the news lately, you’ve likely suffered from the whiplash associated with the recent volatility in the markets. Every day the up and down roller coaster has news casters, pundits, and experts in a tizzy over what they […]

Your Opportunity has Grown!

By Jim Doyle ~ Beginning on January 1, 2019, the opportunity to pay off your existing mortgage putting that payment back in your budget, or to access your housing wealth with a government insured reverse mortgage grew! HUD increased the lending limit for Home Equity Conversion Mortgages (HECM) to $726,525. This means that if your […]

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