Six Keys to More Successful Investing

~ By Herb White, CFP, MBA ~ A successful investor maximizes gain and minimizes loss. Though there can be no guarantee that any investment strategy will be successful and all investing involves risk, including the possible loss of principal, here are six basic principles that may help you invest more successfully.

Nobel Laureate Advocates Reverse Mortgages

~ By Jim Doyle ~ Robert Merton is a distinguished professor of economics at M.I.T. who won the Nobel Prize in 1997. He also looks to reverse mortgages as a good way to fund longevity in an effort to improve retirement income security. Merton states that “one must pay for their consumption both during their […]

Retirement Solutions

~ By Jim Doyle ~ Everyone knows that people are living longer. Consequently, retirement is lasting longer. This is a good thing! But, what if your retirement income is not keeping up with the extra years with which you have been blessed? What if your 401(K) was hit hard in 2007 – 2008, and has […]

Experience a Better Retirement

~ By Jim Doyle ~ “I was strapped for cash to pay for medications, and the city told me I had to clean up and landscape the front yard, or else! Without my reverse mortgage, I would have lost my home. I could not have paid for my medications; I would have had to go to […]

What to do About Selling a Parent or Sibling Home After They Pass

Selling a home brings to light a lot of responsibility and financial decisions for yourself. There is also an option of renting it for an income stream. If you have never been a landlord this is not a great time to start on your own. Get some help if you are entertaining this thought. When […]

Life Insurance and Financial Planning – How Do They Tie In?

~ By Herb White, MBA, CFP ~ When it comes to finances, many people believe that financial planning and life insurance are as unrelated as night and day. Their thinking is that financial planning is concerned with investments, taxes, retirement and estates, while life insurance is only for providing a “death benefit.” Yet, life insurance […]

Plan for Retirement – Stretch Your Dollars

~ By Jim Doyle ~ “I took out a reverse mortgage when I was in my 60s. That allowed me to postpone receiving social security, gave my retirement fund time to grow without being touched, and provided additional income monthly because I didn’t have a mortgage payment!” HR, Woodland Park This is a common response […]

Take Emotions Out of Your Investment Decisions

~ By Herb White, MBA, CFP ~ Investing in the markets, like many other important decisions you make, requires you to take action based both on research and on dispassionate common sense rather than on your emotions. Common sense decisions come from thinking through the potential long-term consequences before acting. Your emotions, including fear, excitement […]

Home Equity Loans for Seniors – Many Options!

~ By Jim Doyle ~ “I called to ask questions about accessing the equity in my home to help me cover my monthly expenses, but my son was not in favor of it. Of course, he doesn’t live with me, and he doesn’t pay my bills. He just thought it was a bad idea. I […]

Are Robo-Advisers in Your Future

~ By Gerald Rome, Colorado Securities Commissioner ~ It seems every day there is some new business that takes advantage of technology. Want a taxi? Use the internet on your phone to get an Uber driver to pick you up. Need a hotel room? Rent someone’s house on a web site through Airbnb. Owe your […]

Retirement and You: Answers to Your Top Financial Concerns

~ By Herb White, MBA, CFP ~ The word retirement likely brings up all sorts of questions related to your finances. For example, what is an RMD? Simply put, if you have taxable accounts, such as a traditional IRA, a 401(k), 403(b), or 457 plan, you will have to start taking annual Required Minimum Distributions […]

National Council on Aging Research Highlights Need for Greater Awareness of Home Equity Products among Older Homeowners and Financial Advisors

Older homeowners have considerable financial worries, but most do not see tapping their home equity as a strategy for creating greater retirement security, according to the results of new research released today by the National Council on Aging (NCOA) through its subsidiary NCOA Services, LLC.

Resources for Spending and Saving in 2017

~ By Herb White, MBA, CFP ~ Saving money is always a bit challenging, especially when it seems prices have risen every time you set foot out the door. If you are saving for retirement, it may be particularly frustrating to see your dollars being eaten up by rising expenses. What can you do?

Reverse Mortgage – Everyone has an Opinion

Everyone has heard a story of someone, somewhere who did a reverse mortgage years ago, but you owe it to yourself and your family to find out the truth of the rules and regulations NOW. A reverse mortgage is a financial tool that can extend the reach of the money you have saved for retirement. […]

Market Bubble? Reminders for Investors

~ By Herb White, MBA, CFP ~ In the world of investments, people who understand the nature of bubbles and busts and heed the warning signs ultimately fare better than those who throw caution to the wind, preferring to trust what is ultimately just luck. One of the truisms about the markets is that every […]