Resources for Spending and Saving in 2017

~ By Herb White, MBA, CFP ~ Saving money is always a bit challenging, especially when it seems prices have risen every time you set foot out the door. If you are saving for retirement, it may be particularly frustrating to see your dollars being eaten up by rising expenses. What can you do?

Reverse Mortgage – Everyone has an Opinion

Everyone has heard a story of someone, somewhere who did a reverse mortgage years ago, but you owe it to yourself and your family to find out the truth of the rules and regulations NOW. A reverse mortgage is a financial tool that can extend the reach of the money you have saved for retirement. […]

Market Bubble? Reminders for Investors

~ By Herb White, MBA, CFP ~ In the world of investments, people who understand the nature of bubbles and busts and heed the warning signs ultimately fare better than those who throw caution to the wind, preferring to trust what is ultimately just luck. One of the truisms about the markets is that every […]

Reverse Mortgage – Increased Security

~ By Jim Doyle ~ A reverse mortgage can be a very effective tool for baby boomers to maintain a secure position during retirement. More and more, financial advisors are seeing the benefit of a reverse mortgage line of credit that will grow annually, and serve as a safety net for borrowers. No interest is […]

A New Year, Time for a Change?

~ By Herb White, MBA, CFP ~ There’s always a lot to do when the new year rolls around making resolutions is usually high on the list. It’s also a time when investors reassess their portfolios and look at other investing options that potentially will provide them good returns in the markets. Many believe the […]

When Should You Help A Family Member Buy A House?

~ By Daniel McGregor ~ When you get a mortgage, the interest rate a lender will offer you will depend on many factors, such as the loan program, size of down payment, credit history and so on. One of these factors is occupancy. In other words, do you intend to occupy the property as primary […]

Reverse Mortgage Part of Financial Planning

~ By Jim Doyle ~ “Reverse mortgages, which let retirees tap the equity they have built up in their homes, have become a better deal in recent years. And they can be valuable as part of your overall financial plan for retirement,” says researcher Wade Pfau, author of a new book, Reverse Mortgages: How to Use […]

AARP Foundation Taxaide Provides Free Tax Assostance and Preparation

Colorado – Again this year, AARP Foundation is providing free tax assistance and preparation for taxpayers with low to moderate income through the AARP Foundation TaxAide program. AARP Foundation TaxAide, in its 49th year, is the nation’s largest free tax assistance and preparation service, giving special attention to the older population. You do not need […]

Take Emotions Out of Your Investment Decisions

~ By Herb White, MBA, CFP ~ Investing in the markets, like many other important decisions you make, requires you to take action based both on research and on dispassionate common sense rather than on your emotions. Common sense decisions come from thinking through the potential long-term consequences before acting. Your emotions, including fear, excitement […]

Don’t Lose Your House – USE Your House

“The most important time to have cash available to you is when you need it,” said the late Senator Fred Thompson. “And more people are using a reverse mortgage line of credit for just that a line of credit that makes cash available for life’s unexpected turns, or just additional security that grows until you […]

Let Your Life Goals Drive Your Financial Strategies

~ Herb White, MBA, CFP ~ Many people take a willy-nilly approach to their finances. Instead of viewing their expenditures and their investments as part and parcel of their overall goals and aspirations in life, they view them as separate, unrelated actions: Saving for a child’s college education. Investing for retirement. Managing their taxes. Upgrading […]

Thinking Global? Think ADRs

~ By Herb White, CFP, MBA ~ There’s a whole big world of investing opportunities out there, yet many investors have shied away from international markets, concerned about the costs, complexity and potential risks. You may be able to minimize risks and gain a convenient avenue to deal in foreign markets is with American Depositary […]

Nobel Laureate Advocates Reverse Mortgages

~ By Jim Doyle ~ Robert Merton is a distinguished professor of economics at M.I.T. who won the Nobel Prize in 1997. He also looks to reverse mortgages as a good way to fund longevity in an effort to improve retirement income security. Merton states that “one must pay for their consumption both during their […]

Will the Presidential Election Affect Your Investment Strategy

~ By Gerald Rome, Colorado Securities Commissioner ~ One of the few things in politics that most Americans can still agree on is that our sixteenth president, Abraham Lincoln, was a brilliant political strategist. Perhaps the tactic which most contributed to this reputation was Lincoln’s belief that his political rivals should figure prominently in all […]

Life Insurance and Financial Planning – How Do They Tie In?

~ By Herb White, MBA, CFP ~ When it comes to finances, many people believe that financial planning and life insurance are as unrelated as night and day. Their thinking is that financial planning is concerned with investments, taxes, retirement and estates, while life insurance is only for providing a “death benefit.” Yet, life insurance […]