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Colorado’s Citizen Legislature – Feb 2017

~ By Doris Beaver ~ The new President has promised and already begun action to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare). Readers are strongly encouraged to stay focused on this issue. The most reliable source of information will be your present insurance company’s benefits department.

Colorado’s Citizen Legislature – July 2016

~ By Doris Beaver ~ The process of posting Governor Hickenlooper’s action on legislation passed during the legislative session took place a little differently in 2016. Today’s column presents the action on the remaining bills written about this session in Prime Time for Seniors. Senate Bill 16-026 was signed by the Governor on May 5th.

Colorado’s Citizen Legislature – June 2016

~ By Doris Beaver ~ Action by Governor Hickenlooper on legislation passed by the 2016 General Assembly is moving at a snail’s pace this year as presidential politics and the Governor’s book publicity seem to be demanding first priority. The bills not covered in today’s column will appear in a July 2016 column. The Governor […]

Colorado’s Citizen Legislature – May 2016

The second regular session of the Seventieth Colorado General Assembly is in the home stretch with adjournment scheduled for May 11th. In the for what it’s worth department, legislators were not feeling generous when House Bill 16-1065 was considered by the House Committee on Health Insurance and Environment. Postponed indefinitely, HB 1065 would have created […]

Colorado’s Citizen Legislature – April 2016

~ By Doris Beaver ~ Far too many of us ordinary citizens arrive at the point in our lives that means we are labeled as “Seniors” way sooner than we would like, and woefully unprepared for all that term means. Lack of preparation dramatically impacts how a Senior deals with reaching such a milestone. Think […]

Colorado’s Citizen Legislature – Mar. 2016

~ By Doris Beaver ~ As each of us age and slip into that group referred to as “older” citizens (elderly is no longer the respectful term), various everyday actions take on greater or different meaning. Most readers give little thought to the freedom of communication we exercise so freely in normal day activities.

Colorado’s Citizen Legislature – Feb. 2016

~ By Doris Beaver ~ Welcome back to a new production of action under the Gold Dome, also known as the Colorado General Assembly. One of probably the most controversial issues facing the 2016 legislative session is end-of-life options for terminally ill individuals. With such controversial issues, identical or near identical bills are often introduced […]

Colorado’s Citizen Legislature – July 2015

Today’s edition presents Governor Hickenlooper’s action on the remaining legislation covered during the 2015 Colorado legislative session. House Bill 15­1018: Postponed indefinitely (killed) on April 21st, HB 1018 would have expanded the list of professional persons (mandatory reporters) required to report within 24 hours the abuse or exploitation of a person 70 years of age […]

Colorado’s Citizen Legislature – June 2015

~By Doris Beaver ~ Today’s edition will be a brief one as action on legislation is moving a little slow down under the Gold Dome. This year, look for the final action by the Governor on House Bills 15-1018, 15-1033, 15-1100, 15-1233 and Senate Bill 15-123 to appear in a July column. House Bill 15-1029:  […]

Colorado’s Citizen Legislature – May 2015

~ By Doris Beaver ~ The 2015 legislative session is scheduled for adjournment on May 6th, and looking back over the session, legislators did a commendable job for the citizens of Colorado. With the Republicans gaining the Senate majority for the first time in ten years, citizens can be proud of the absence of blatant […]

Colorado’s Citizen Legislature – April 2015

~ By Doris Beaver ~ A bill that would have provided help for those trying to pay for expenses related to health care and enabled them to stay in their homes was postponed indefinitely by the House Committee on Finance on March 11th. The bill, House Bill 5-1143, titled “Concerning A Tax Incentive For Home […]

Colorado’s Citizen Legislature – Mar. 2015

~ By Doris Beaver ~ House Bill 15-1039: While not specifically directed toward the 50 and over population, HB 1029 will most likely be of great interest, especially to citizens in rural areas of Colorado. HB 1029 concerns requirements that “all health benefit plans issued, amended or renewed in Colorado to individuals residing in a […]

Colorado’s Citizen Legislature

~ By Doris Beaver ~ For the first time in 10 years, Republicans regained a majority in the Colorado Senate, albeit by only one. Republicans are expected to try and “undo” some of the legislation passed in the 2014 session, especially the emotionally-charged gun legislation. Sometimes the back and forth resulting from the change in […]

Colorado’s Citizen Legislature – June 2014

The 2014 General Assembly adjourned on May 7th this year. Today is the final column for this legislative session and readers learn just what happened to the legislation that appeared in Prime Time for Seniors – signed, vetoed, postponed indefinitely (killed) or became law without the Governor’s signature. Senate Bill 14-014 was signed by Governor […]

Colorado’s Citizen Legislature – May 2014

As this edition of Prime Time for Seniors goes to print, Colorado’s 2013 legislative will be nearing adjournment – May 7, 2014. This session proved to have some of the most citizen-beneficial legislation and most interesting of any session since this writer began covering the legislature in 2005. House Bill 14-1357: “Concerning In-Home Service Provided […]

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