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Getting Closer: The Latest Steps In The Journey Toward A Cure For Alzheimer’s

Join us for an evening with Dr. Huntington Potter, an internationally recognized Alzheimer’s researcher. He will discuss the symptoms and progression of neurodegenerative diseases, the research being done and the discoveries being made that are leading to improved treatments – and potential cures. Refreshments will be served.

Ramblings of a Rambler – Sept. 2019

Hi Prime Timers! Here we are on the doorstep of fall. Of all the seasons, fall is my favorite time of year. I enjoy being outside and the crispness in the air. Growing up in PA, I loved seeing the trees starting their preparations for the greatest show on earth. The fall foliage in the […]

Creative Eldering – Digestive Discomfort

Do you wonder if your digestive system is working well?   Do you have heartburn, indigestion, gas, bloating, belching, constipation, diarrhea, or irregular bowel movements? These are all symptoms of an unhappy digestive system.

Life-long lawyer pursues new career as fulltime pastor for Aurora church

A life-long lawyer who decided to pursue a new career in the ministry is now the pastor for Holy Family Church in Aurora. Cynthia Drew, once a practitioner of environmental law, succeeds pastor Scott Jenkins, who founded Holy Family in 1998, and recently retired.

Be smart with your smart phone

Just like getting used to a computer took time, older adults have taken their time with the movement toward smart phones. But now the floodgates have opened. Our families have encouraged us to procure a smart phone and many times they’ve purchased it for us.

Home Instead Senior Care of North Denver is celebrating 20 years of serving seniors and their families

Home Instead Senior Care of North Denver is celebrating 20 years of serving seniors and their families in the Denver metro area. While there have been many changes in the home care landscape over the last two decades, owners Curt and Holly Foust credit remaining true to Home Instead’s core values and mission as the […]

Medicaid Can Help With Long Term Care Costs

By Eileen Doherty, MS ~ Denver, CO  – As families become overwhelmed with providing care for their mother or father, they often find long term care to be expensive and out of their reach. According to Genworth, the monthly cost of homemaker services is about $4900, adult day care is $1600, assisted living is $4000, a […]

Early Alzheimer’s Clues

Changes in behavior or personality may be the first signs of dementia or Alzheimer’s. Memory loss is not the only sign of dementia; losing interest in your favorite activities or getting unusually anxious, aggressive or suspicious may also be symptoms.

Use a Reverse Mortgage to Fund Retirement

By Jim Doyle ~ According to author Wade Pfau, Ph.D., CFA in article in Retirement Researcher, financial planning research has shown that coordinated use of a reverse mortgage starting earlier in retirement outperforms waiting to open a reverse mortgage as a last resort option once all else has failed.

Wheat Ridge Active Adult Center – Sept. 2019

Please pre-register where necessary. All events and classes are held at the AAC unless otherwise noted. If you would like to be mailed a copy of our ‘Rooted in Fun’ guide, call 303-205-7500.  For additional info on our programs, visit Welcome to the AAC Come join us for our monthly Meet-n-Greet on Monday, Sept. […]

Bemis Public Library – Sept. 2019

ADULT PROGRAMS Creative Aging Workshops: Creative Writing: Our Lives, Our Poems Poetry is not just pretty: it is a tool that helps us build community as we reflect upon the world around us. Teaching artist Andrea Asali will show you how to weave your stories and ideas into beautiful poems. Each workshop session will focus […]

Clements Community Center – Sept. 2019

The Clements Community Center, located at 1580 Yarrow St., Lakewood, offers a wide variety of activities and services that emphasize social, mental and physical wellness for people age 55 and better. We welcome you to join us and participate in the many exciting activities we have to offer! Contact the Clements Community Center at 303-987-4820 […]

TRIAD of Jefferson County – Sept. 2019

TRIAD: Key Into Computer Safety Whether you key into your computer, laptop, tablet, and/or phone you are keying into opportunities for scams. Join Cary Johnson to learn how to protect yourself from technological attacks to protect you and your information. The Triad of Jefferson County hosts this talk at 1:30 pm, Tuesday, September 24, at […]

DUDL 2019 Gala: Breaking Barriers

DENVER- The Denver Urban Debate League (DUDL) invites you to their Annual Fundraising Gala, Breaking Barriers, on November 7, 2019, from 5:15-9:00 p.m. at the Sewall Ballroom at the Denver Center for Performing Arts. This year, The DUDL is proud to present a fireside chat about the importance of civil discourse featuring State Representative Leslie […]

Taming Tax Policy/Taking on TABOR in 2019

The League of Women Voters of Denver is hosting Carol Hedges, Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Colorado Fiscal Institute on Monday, September 16 at 6:00 p.m. for a discussion of Colorado Proposition CC.  Proposition CC would allow the state to retain revenue for transportation and education rather than refund the excess revenue required by […]

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