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Creative Eldering – Depression Avoidance Strategies

Have you been down and blue, moody and hopeless? Are you thinking that nothing is going your way? Are you holding on to the lyrics of that old blues tune “Born under a Bad Sign” by Albert King? The refrain of his hit song is “Born under a bad sign. Been down since I began […]

Creative Eldering – The Hidden Truth About Atherosclerosis And Heart Disease

Most people think (unfortunately have been brainwashed to think) that the secret to avoiding clogged arteries, heart attacks, and strokes is to be sure you take a statin drug every day for the rest of your life. NOT TRUE. That old outdated premise should have been thrown out decades ago.

Creative Eldering: Do-It-Yourself Immunity Building

Surely you have seen plans for building your own workbench, resurfacing your own countertops, or even building your own deck. But have you heard of building up your own immune system? Likely not. For the average person, their standard American diet (S.A.D.) and typical sedentary lifestyle probably contributes to weakening or “deconstructing” their immune system […]

A Pain In My @**

It is a very rare person who has never experienced pain. In fact, there do exist genetic disorders in which people cannot feel pain. Research shows that individuals afflicted with these pain-free conditions actually have a predictably shorter lifespan since they are much more prone to injury and less able to determine that they are […]

Creative Eldering: Are Your Symptoms Really Drug Side Effects?

The first principle to understand is that drugs are chemicals that require a considerable amount of processing once they are taken into your body. Typically, drugs are synthetically manufactured using a base of petroleum distillates (yes that’s right toxic, non-edible petroleum products) and many other chemicals. Then synthetic colorings and fillers are added to the […]

Creative Eldering: The Male Energetic System

In past generations, males in our society were under incredible pressure to exhibit extreme degrees of physical and emotional strength. Previously, men were expected to be the sole bread winners for their families and minimize their emotions in order to maintain a perception of masculinity. Men were discouraged from expressing their emotions and bombarded with […]

Creative Eldering: Menopause

Despite the bombardment of media and societal messages, menopause is a natural passage of life for women and not a guaranteed time of discomfort or dis-ease. While sometimes imbalances can occur before, during and after menopause, there are many natural modifications that can help make menopause a smooth transition.

Creative Eldering: Unfriendly Energy: Electromagnetic Pollution

All around you are invisible electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’s). This errant energy stems from your televisions, computers, Wi-Fi routers, cable boxes, radios, microwave ovens, cell phones, and other common household items. Though the energy is invisible, it is not harmless, in fact, many studies show that this electromagnetic pollution may be carcinogenic.

Creative Eldering: Leaky Gut Syndrome

Have you been to the doctor to seek advice about a variety of symptoms? Do your symptoms appear to be unrelated? You may be suffering from leaky gut syndrome. “Leaky gut syndrome is neither a simple nor a consistently defined malady. It manifests with a jumbled variety of symptoms and conditions that vary greatly from […]

Creative Eldering: Candida: Causes and Treatment

Within your body, beyond your bones, muscles, and organs, among its trillions of cells are microorganisms and bacteria. When most people hear the word bacteria, they automatically think of them in a negative context, but within your body there are many different types of healthy bacteria. These healthy bacteria can be found on your skin, […]

Creative Eldering: Energizing Your Immune System

Though most people are familiar with the basic concept of the immune system, its complexity remains a great mystery to most people, even some medical doctors. The human immune system includes a network of “fighter cells” and organs. T-cells (thymus cells) and B-cells (bone marrow or bursa cells) work to maintain a healthy immune system. […]

Creative Eldering: Energy and Food

By Susan L. Levy, D. C. ~ The age-old adage from Hippocrates, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food,” provides simple sage advice. The importance of food, not only on a physiological level, but on a psychological, emotional and spiritual level has been addressed in every culture throughout the entire history of humanity. […]

Creative Eldering: Divine Energy: The Chakras

The word chakra comes from the Sanskrit word for “wheel.” It is believed that the human body has seven major chakras, each consisting of energy localized in your physical body and coinciding with different levels of your spine, usually in conjunction with one of your major organs. Each of the seven chakras also correlates to […]

Creative Eldering: Energy and Your Emotions

At a child’s birthday party, a magician in a top-hat dazzled children with his tricks. He removed his tall, black hat and showed the captivated audience the empty hat. Soon after each child had seen that nothing was in the magician’s hat, the magician reached in and began to pull out a beautiful red scarf. […]

Creative Eldering: Acupuncture: An Ancient Method for Modern Health

Thousands of years ago a young warrior in China was stricken by excruciating pain in his shoulder. His painful and stiff shoulder nearly prevented him from fighting in battles, but he continued to persevere. After seeking the help of his doctor, who despite his best efforts could not help the warrior, the warrior became resigned […]