Ramblings of a Rambler – Mar. 2021

By Bill Watson, Publisher Prime Time News ~ Hi Prime Timers! We’ll be celebrating the start of spring this month and the hopefulness and anticipation that it brings. I love this time of year as daylight increases and we experience…

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Colorado’s Citizen Legislature – Mar. 2021

By Doris Beaver ~ House Bill 21-1048: HB 1048 concerns “a requirement that retail establishments accept United States currency for purchases (if an individual accepting payment is present).” While HB 1048 does not specifically pertain to the over 50 crowd,…

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Tips to help make the most of your health plan in 2021

By Dr. David Severance, Chief Medical Officer of UnitedHealthcare of Colorado ~ Last year was a difficult year as the COVID-19 pandemic swept through our country, impacting families and communities nationwide. The health challenges of the pandemic also provided a…

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The Choice is Yours: Choosing a Respite Care Provider

By Tia Sauceda, Seniors’ Resource Center ~ If you’re a family caregiver, you know that providing support for your loved one can feel like a full-time job. Finding a balance between caretaking and other responsibilities can be overwhelming, but with…

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Caring for Denver Foundation Seeks to Invest $10 Million in Supports to Improve the Provision of Care

Denver, CO – Caring for Denver Foundation is seeking to partner with organizations and agencies to increase Denver residents’ ability to find accessible, community-informed mental health and substance misuse care through a new Care Provision funding opportunity. The funding aims to…

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AARP Community Challenge Grant Program Now Accepting 2021 Applications

The program funds quick-action projects; Application Deadline is April 14, 2021 ~ AARP Colorado invites community organizations and local governments across the state to apply for the 2021 Community Challenge grant program, now through April 14. Grants fund quick-action projects that can range…

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Mental Health Advocates Introduce Bill To Support People in Recovery, Address Health Care Workforce Shortage

With Bipartisan Support, HB 21-1021 Seeks to Improve Peer Support Services ~ DENVER—In the past two years, the number of Coloradans who didn’t receive mental health or substance use care that they needed nearly doubled—yet, in 2019, Colorado’s behavioral health workforce only met 30% of…

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The Mindful Path – Happiness

By Marilyn Halpern, LSW, MSW ~ March 20th is International Day of Happiness. The theme for this year is ‘Keep calm. Stay wise. Be kind.’ Exploring the theme further, the non-profit Action for Happiness (actionforhappiness.org) provides these suggestions:

Strength’s impact on your balance

The Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) and Nymbl are committed to helping Colorado’s older adults achieve their best health, free from falling. When it comes to strength, it’s common to experience a natural loss of muscle as you age….

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Brothers Aging in Place Initiative works to empower seniors

Lakewood resident Linn Argabrite had been searching for senior services before he stumbled upon housing nonprofit Brothers Redevelopment and its Aging in Place Initiative — a free program that works to empower Colorado seniors.

Benefits in Action: Tax Program

By Eric Gonzales ~ Tax season is upon us. And what a season it is. Between refunds and stimulus checks it seems like there is a lot that can go wrong when doing your taxes. Luckily, there are a lot…

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Benefits in Action: Available Insurance Options

By Eric Gonzalez ~ Are you searching for a viable health insurance option? If so, you are not alone. Many individuals are currently out of work and have lost their employer health insurance or are otherwise currently without health insurance….

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Social Security and Women’s History Month

In March, we celebrate Women’s History Month.  Social Security has served a vital role in the lives of women for more than 80 years.  Women have longer life expectancies than men, which means they live more years in retirement and…

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Undue Influence

In many cases where a Will is contested, the claim of “undue influence” is presented as grounds for asking the Court to invalidate a Last Will and Testament (“Will”).   Undue influence has been proved where at the time of…

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Vaccines: The next step in the pandemic

By Eileen Doherty, MS ~ Denver, Colo. – We as a global society have endured a year of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Our lives have changed, our economy has faltered, but many relationships, are stronger.  We have lost loved ones. Many…

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